Monday, July 2, 2007

Harlow Cuadra

Just for all of you people out there who know so much about Harlow and his situation, you dont and you wouldnt like it if you were in his situation. Think about the shit that you people especially Damon Kruzer and his crap, a book deal with who ? his crack man. Harlow by no means is a stupid boy he is a very intelligent business man and there is no way in hell and i mean hell being froze over that he would do a book deal with Damon the nut case, as or the proof that elmysterio has he is correct and i have a copy of the papers he is talking about also.
And then there is the so called money to Harlows attorney that he said were donations given to him and then he wanted to buy information on Harlow to send the money, no information no money , now if they were donations why would he be trying to buy information that is public information with the money donated to Harlows defense? As for his mysterious illness well it was all bullshit cause he got caught in yet another one of his lies , and i mean his continual lies.

As for Harlow he is hanging strong and waiting to deal with this when he gets to Pennsylvania. Harlows latest blog went up today and he also has a new website for all to view. check it out , can even purchase free harlow cuadra tshirts on there. pretty cool.
We all need to remember that our system is set up that we are innocent until proven guilty so would everyone just stop the bullshit with the finger pointing and let the man have a fair trial!
I always thought that people would not prejudge him for a crime as for he is gay and has been judged by people all his life, the same thing that goes on in daily life, and now the gay community does the same to him that they in fact hate having done to them. You should all be ashamed of yourselves............................. You should think long and hard about what you are saying about him it could be you in his place one day or just in another situation that you need someones help and then you will know how it feels, So can we all grow up and act like decent human beings and treat the man with some respect and let the judicial system do what they may and atleast let him get a fair trial by jury not by blogger.

And to finish this hole thing we all need to remember that we are all human beings, as is Harlow , do you think some of you could remember this !!!!